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What is the REAL difference between all these programs?

My bank recently deducted money from my interest bearing checking account and sent it to the IRS. I followed the letter writing procedures in "Winning the Collection Game" and within twenty days, received a check from my bank for the full amount taken! I don't see myself ever having a problem with my bank again, now that I have this incredible inside information. Susan in Arizona

Today I stopped a debt collector with one phone call. Before applying your techniques, I was afraid to answer the phone. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Barbara in Louisiana

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debt eliminationDo you have debt collection problems now or anticipate them in the near future? Are you receiving harassing phone calls from debt collectors and creditors? Are you considering bankruptcy or debt consolidation or did these options not work for you? Our nationwide team of consultants will provide you with a viable, time tested alternative to solving your debt collection problems while stopping harassing phone calls and putting an end to threatening collection letters. This is NOT Debt Consolidation, negotiation, new loan or bankruptcy.

Our program is recommended for people who want to:
debt elimination

Our debt resolution program has legally stopped hundreds of millions of dollars worth of credit card debt from being collected since 1994. The focus has been to stop every unsecured debt collection with simple strategies. Because of new bankruptcy legislation that makes it more difficult to discharge credit card debt when you have assets, the demand and viability for our program is now greater than ever!

Debt termination is not a myth. Our program follows guidelines set forth by federal law. Our debt resolution program is 100% legal and ethical. There are several methods people can use to get out of debt. One is to simply pay them off. However, since you are viewing this page, either that has become impossible or extremely difficult to do right now. The other two more well known methods are Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement.

What is the difference between debt resolution, debt consolidation and debt settlement? There are huge differences between these three programs. You may see many debt consolidation and debt settlement companies advertise themselves as "Debt Elimination". However, they do not "eliminate" debt. They "restructure" debt. To find out more and to hear audio detailing the differences between these programs please click here.

FREE Attorney Consultation One question that pops into everyone's mind when debt resolution is brought up is, "Is this legal?" We offer a free no obligation consultation with an attorney. He will answer your legal questions pertaining to our program and debt termination. From the time you enter our program, our nationwide network of attorneys will be resolving your debt problems.


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